Monday, August 2, 2010

We Made It!

As you are probably already aware, the 2010 Bike the US for MS team has arrived safely in San Francisco. We rode through California in 3 days and took a ferry to the city where I was greeted by my friends Mike and Amber. Yesterday we finished our trip the right way by putting our tires in the Pacific Ocean in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I still have lots of pictures of Nevada and California that I want to share with everyone, but I no longer have a computer. Most of my stuff, along with my bike, is being driven back to Blacksburg in our support vehicle. Mike, Amber, and I are going to hang out in San Francisco for a few days and then make our way up the coast through Eugene, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. I'm obviously so excited about ending my trip with my first tour of the west coast of America. I mean, I rode my bike all the way here, I might as well see what there is to see! We are staying in hostels and trying not to go broke before we get to Washington.

Yesterday was goodbye. It was hard, if not impossible, to leave my new friends, my family, of two months. We rode together for 4,000 miles. We fell off our bikes laughing, we got so discouraged we cried, we crashed into each other, and the ladies might have finally learned to ride with no handlebars. It's hard to think about them right now. I feel like I might tear up typing this.

I love you guys.

I will finally be home mid-August. I am going to finish my blog and upload my last entries then. I need to finish this for my own memories and for potential team members next year to read.

Thanks for your support, blog world. It's so great and bittersweet to be here. I don't know when it happened, but I do feel like a better person somehow. Maybe the trip was life changing? I hope it'll stick with me.

I rode my bicycle from Virginia to San Francisco!
(I love saying that.)


  1. Thanks for all your blogging and photos throughout. It was great to follow everyone through some of the blogs everyone did.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip.


    (Brian's Dad)

  2. What a wonderful experience for you and also for me and Pops. We enjoyed all your ups and downs and unlike you we never tired. We love your blogs and we love you. Mimi

  3. Tara, Thanks for keeping me informed through your blogs and pictures I enjoy every one of them. I felt like I was on the bike trip with you when I read them----I do believe you have a future in journalism. Each and every member of the team has accomplished an amasing feat I'm sure the memories will last a life time. Thanks again, Bill Milam

  4. Tara, I know by now you are back in Va Beach! I think it's absolutely amazing you rode that bike all the way across our wonderful country! saw so much of it! I hope to see you sometime soon! Lorraine