Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A taste of Colorado

The KOA campground here has a strict limit on internet usage so I can’t write a whole blog but I thought I would share today’s sunset with everyone.

Rockies First Day 066

The Rockies are amazing and I’m totally in love with them.  Thanks everyone for your comments, I love them and I really appreciate everyone’s support.  Much love here from Cotopaxi, Colorado.


  1. Ra, Thank you for sharing the sunset. Wes and I also love the Rockies. Enjoy your time there and stay away from the Bears! Love you, T

  2. Beautiful sunset keep the pictures coming they are great. Sorry havent been commenting lately but your doing great keep it up you are making the steelies look good.

  3. Tara, I can't believe you're already in Colorado! So far from home. Christie lives in Westminster, near Denver. The Rockies ARE so beautiful aren't they? Every photo looks like a postcard. Keep up safe riding! Your Mom and I spoke the other night. She and I are sooo proud of you! Lorraine